Marble Trout – Salmo trutta marmoratus

The marble trout used to be the sole species of trout settling our waters. It is an endemic fish of the Adriatic river system. Based on its outer appearance – the phenotype of the trout – as well as its genetic signature, we can tell apart two types of marble trout. Trout of the Zadlaščica type have distinguishing marbled bodies with red coloration being quite rare. Trout of the Idrijca type have red coloration in the form of dots and splotches, usually along the flanks, besides the distinguishing marbled pattern.

The marble trout inhabits all the waters of our fishing sector.

Smaller marble trout feed mainly on bottom-dwelling organisms and aquatic insects while larger ones mostly eat other fish.

Marble trout spawn from the end of October to the beginning of January.

Marble trout in our waters reach quite sizes and weights. The largest marble trout found measured 121cm in length and weighed 25kg.