Crossbreeds between the marble and brown trout

Crossbreeds vary greatly in appearance. They can be very similar to marble trout, have mixed features or be nearly indistinguishable from brown trout.

Distinguishing between crossbreeds and both subspecies, especially the marble trout, is very difficult with crossbreeds which can resemble them greatly. Careful inspection of the trout is required to tell them apart, especially the gill lids, where differences are usually most noticeable.

Crossbreeds can be found anywhere where populations of both marble and brown trout are present.

As other trout, crossbreeds feed on bottom-dwelling organisms, aquatic insects and other fish in the case of the larger ones.

They spawn from the end of October to the end of January.

Crossbreeds grow to 1m long and 10 kg in weight, however they do not reach the exceptional sizes of the marble trout.