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Tolmin Angling Club undertakes to protect all personal data obtained through the website in compliance with the applicable legislation. All personal data provided is treated as strictly confidential and solely for the purpose it was provided.

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When dealing with all indirectly and directly provided personal data, we are bound by the Personal Data Protection Act of the Republic of Slovenia (ZVOP-1), stipulating the rights, obligations, principles and measures that prevent unconstitutional, unlawful and unwarranted interference with the privacy and dignity of an individual in the processing of personal data.


The content of website is provided and maintained with the utmost diligence. However, RD Tolmin cannot guarantee the accuracy, currency or completeness of the information provided by the websites. Thus, RD Tolmin is not responsible for the occasional failure of the website, any incorrect information or any damage incurred due to the use of incorrect, out-dated or incomplete information. Neither RD Tolmin nor any legal or natural person that contributed to the content of the websites is liable for any damage incurred due to the access to, the use of or the inability to use information on the websites, nor for any errors and deficiencies in their contents.

We inform the website users that any information on these websites may be changed without prior notice and that all copyrighted content is protected by the Copyright and Related Rights Act of the Republic of Slovenia (ZASP).


The contents of these websites (written or pictorial) are, within the legally permitted framework, subject to protection of copyright and other intellectual property rights. All copyright and other intellectual property rights are owned by Tolmin Angling Club (RD Tolmin). We inform the users that documents published on these websites must not be copied, reproduced or otherwise disseminated for commercial purposes without the express written consent of RD Tolmin.


Cookies are small files with information that is temporarily stored on your computer. When they are installed on your computer, you are not informed thereof. The main purpose of the cookies is for the web servers to recognize your computer and web browser, customize the website and provide for simplicity and speed. Cookies enable us to show you the information you are looking for and are interested in. By collecting and storing information about your site’s settings, we can provide a better website and marketing experience. Cookies do not give us access to your computer, and the information we collect through cookies does not include personal data.

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Website may require the use of the following cookies:


  1. Cookies required for proper functioning of the website

Session cookies

Cookie Expiration Time Description
__PHPSESSID Session It enables the operation of system for displaying content.

Required for the operation of system for editing and displaying content. This cookie ensures the correct reception of electronic messages and content on the website. It is deleted when the user leaves the site.

Cloudflare Cookie

Cookie Expiration Time Description
__cfduid 5 years Content distribution and firewall operation.

Intended for Cloudflare CDN services facilitating access to the server. To find out more, click here.


  1. Third-Party Cookies

Google Analytics

Cookie Expiration Time Description
__utma 2 years It distinguishes users from sessions.
__utmb 30 minutes It identifies new visits.
__utmc For the duration of the session. It enables interoperability with the older version.
__utmz 6 months It identifies the source of traffic.
__utmv 2 years It stores general data on the visitor.

The cookies help us record visitor statistics. They do not contain any personal information but are used only to ensure the uniqueness of visits. More information on the Google Analytics cookies, their purpose and duration can be found on website

If you wish to block only the Google Analytics services, you can do so on this website.

Google Maps

Cookie Expiration Time Description
NID 6 months Used for the display of the Google Maps plug-in.
PREF 2 years Used for the display of the Google Maps plug-in.
testcookie Session Used for the display of the Google Maps plug-in.
khcookie Session Used for the display of the Google Maps plug-in.
SNID 6 months Used for the display of the Google Maps plug-in.

Our website uses Google Maps services to display geographical locations. For more information on cookies and the Google company privacy policy visit:


Cookie Expiration Time Description
PREF 10 years Used for the display of video content from YouTube.
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE 240 days Used for the display of video content from YouTube.
use_hitbox Session Used for the display of video content from YouTube.

Our website uses YouTube services to display video contents. For more information on cookies and privacy policy of Google that manages the YouTube web portal visit:


Cookie Expiration Time Description
Reg_fb_gate Session URL of the first visited page.
Reg_fb_ref Session URL of the last visited page.
Isd Session Protection against CSRF attacks.
Reg_ext_ref Session Origin of traffic, first visited page.
wd Session Dimensions of window.
datr 2 years Protection against spam and abuse on Facebook accounts.

The listed cookies are used for proper functioning of Facebook plug-ins. For more information on storing and use of obtained information go to website

How to manage cookies?

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Changing cookie settings

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